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Wondersub was literally born out of my experience as a child in Florida. My parents, Donna and Robert Sr., owned a small chain of popular sub shops. I lived on some of the best subs and hoagies you could imagine. But we moved to New Jersey more than thirty years ago, and nothing I have found has ever replicated what I enjoyed at those stores. My parents may well have invented the idea of an oven-baked sub-- something others have tried to replicate, but very poorly. The supposedly "fresh" ingredients offered at various stores are anything but. Even sub bread supposedly made "in house" is from frozen dough. 


I finally decided to pay homage to my family legacy by starting my own sub shop and offering gourmet meals at affordable prices. Our sub-bread is baked on the premises by a professional baker, and includes new varieties of bread such as rye and focaccia, never tried before in a sub shop. Our toppings are all locally grown and bought fresh daily.  Our meat is Thumann's meat-  the highest quality cold cuts on the market. We even have added spice blends to create flavor profiles no one has ever experienced before. I am sharing a piece of my childhood with you, and our service and our quality of food is a reflection of that. Join my family, enjoy a wondersub!

2591 Highway 516

Old Bridge, NJ

M-Sa:  11am - 8pm

Sun: 11am - 7pm

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